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Store: 727-914-4922


We are an expert applicator of KG Gun Kote

KG Industries was formerly Kal-Gard Coating and Manufacturing Corporation. Kal-Gard was founded to provide dry film lubricants and thin film protective coatings to the Aerospace, Military, Sporting Goods, and Motor Sports Industries. Kal-Gard became known for developing one strong product after another, and became a leader for suppling wet and dry film lubricants, and protective thin film coatings. For many years Kal-Gard was considered the standard to compete against.


Flat White

Satin Black

Mil Spec OD Green

Foilage Green

Satin White

Flat Dark Earth

Flat Royal Blue

Flat Grey

Flat Service Brown


Flat OD Green

Light Tan

Flat Black

Mil Spec Tan

Flat Purple

Light Flat Grey

Neon Pink


2401s 2401f Blend

Gun Metal Blue

Satin Royal Blue

2401s 240f Blend

Charcoal Black

Flat Black

Flat Light Grey

Flat OD Green

Flat White

Gloss Black

Hot Pink

Magpul Stealth Grey

Satin Clear

Satin OD Green

Satin Service Brown

University Red

Blood Red

High Gloss White

Satin White

AK Black

CR Black

Emerald Green

Flat Light OD Green

Flat Purple

Flat Yellow

High Gloss Red


Midnight Blue

Satin Dark Earth

Satin Orange

Sky Blue

Flat Grey

Light Satin Grey

Satin Yellow

Aqua Blue

Flat Desert Tan

Deep Flat Black

Flat Light Tan

Flat Red

Foilage Green

High Gloss White

Light VZ Blue

Mil Spec. Grey OD Green

Satin Grey

Satin Purple

Socom Black

Urban Dark Earth

Flat Royal Blue



Blaze Orange

Flat Dark Earth

Dark VZ Blue

Flat Magpul Tan

Flat Service Brown

Gem Blue

HK Black

Magpul OD Green

Satin Black

Satin Light OD Green

Satin Red

KG Super Clear


Ano Black


Ano Green

Ano Red

Antique Brass

Bright Brass

Antique Copper

Brushed Stainless

Antique Silver

Burnt Bronze

Black Chrome

Color 2511

Color 2514


Color 2514L

Dull Brass

Color 2528

Executive Grey

Color 2531

Golden Nickel

Light Green


Sublime Green

Luster White


Texas Tea

Pale Gold






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Flat Grey

Flat OD Green

Flat Service Brown

Flat White

Flat Black

Foilage Green

Flat Dark Earth

Knight Brown

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